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SKU: 0004

CHUNK teams up with PINUPS designer Christopher Schulz for another beefy tee


Limited to 50 shirts, hand screen-printed on CANVAS 100% cotton jersey tee.


For US orders shipping is 5 - 14 business days from processing. For International orders shipping is 7 - 21 business days from processing.



Christopher Schulz, the inimitible designer of PINUPS magazine says; This design was inspired by gay disco, the Paradise Garage logo, and gay-ass tambourines at gay-ass parties. As a kid I was ashamed to dig into disco because I was intimidated by the straight Disco Sucks movement. But at the same time I knew straight groups like The Eagles and Lynyrd Skynyrd were sexually boring and all-around not my cup of tea. So teenage me dipped his toes into gay records with The Smiths, and then went full-throttle with Sylvester. When I was old enough to prowl on my own I looked for the gay disco. The first time I encountered tambourines on the dance floor I knew I had found it.

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